TV / Audio / Online Interviews:


  • Palestine: 04/02/2014, Al Jazeera — “Have Palestinian leaders failed their people?” (quoted in AJ interview with Dr. Saeb Erekat @ 26:50).
  • Saudi Arabia: 3.31.2014, Washington Examiner — Obama refuses to raise human rights issues with Saudis, featured online, quoted on Saudi Arabia women’s activists.
  • Saudi Arabia: 3.29.2014:  McClatchy News — “Obama honors Saudi woman’s fight against abuse, heads back to Washington” (Original or here.)
  • Saudi Arabia: 3.29.2014, Bloomberg — Obama Seeks to Reassure Saudi King on Iran Talks, Syria, featured online, quoted on human rights.
  • Saudi Arabia: 3.29.2014, McClatchy DC — Obama honors Saudi woman’s fight against abuse, heads back to Washington, featured online, quoted on Obama’s lack of attention to human rights in Saudi Arabia.
  • Saudi Arabia: 3.28.2014:  Fox News — “Amnesty International says human rights ‘missing in action’ on Obama trip to Saudi Arabia.”
  • Saudi Arabia: 3.28.2014, Fox News — Amnesty International says human rights ‘missing in action’ on Obama trip to Saudi Arabia, featured online, quoted on human rights in Middle East, Obama administration
  • Saudi Arabia: 3.27.2014, ABC News Radio — Amnesty Int’l Challenges Obama to Bring Female Driver to Saudi Arabia, featured on radio, quoted on Obama position on female drivers in Saudi.
  • Saudi Arabia: 3.26.2014, Al-Monitor — Members press Obama to raise human rights in Saudi Arabia, featured online, quoted on Congress pressing for human rights.
  • Egypt: 3.13.2014, International Business Times — With Hundreds of Egyptians Sentenced To Death, Security Forces Can’t Keep Up, featured online, quoted on Egyptian government.
  • Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories:  3.2.2014, Activist Post — Israel Accused of War Crimes in West Bank, published online, quoted on Congress action against Israel
  • Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories:  9.23.2013, Associated Press — Israel PM: Settlers to return to contested home, featured online, quoted on US silence regarding settlements.
  • Bahrain: 12.10.2013, Buzzfeed — Bahrain Holds Forum Lauding Social Media While Violently Suppressing Twitter And Facebook Critics, published online, quoted on social media censorship and punishment in Bahrain.
  • Bahrain: 8.14.2013, Al Jazeera America — Bahrain protesters face security clampdown, published online, quoted on human rights in Bahrain.
  • Bahrain: 2.14.2013, Business Wire — Participant Media’s Social Action Campaign for Oscar(R)-Nominated Chilean Film No, Focuses on the Importance of Freedom of Expression, published online, quoted on campaign and human rights in Bahrain.
  • Bahrain: 1.15.2013, ProPublica — Revealed: America’s Arms Sales To Bahrain Amid Bloody Crackdown, published online, quoted on arms sales to Bahrain.
  • Syria: 12.10.2012, The Atlantic — Are Women Being Targeted in Syria? Featured online, quoted on Syria war, women’s safety.
  • Libya: 9.24.2012, MintPressNews — Amnesty Briefing Suggests Foreign Nationals Worse Off Post-Gadhafi, published online, quoted on human rights in Libya.
  • Pan-Islam:  9.24.2012, Washington Times — Muslim-led nations seek global ban on insults of Muhammad, featured online, quoted on anti-Islam propaganda.
  • Syria: 9.10.2012, Foreign Policy — Syrian cyberwar rages on, featured online, mentioned regarding pro-Syria Amnesty website hack.
  • Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories:  9.4.12, CNN — Israeli court: American protester Rachel Corrie’s death an accident, featured online, quoted on Rachel Corrie.
  • Syria: 8.28.2012, Washington Post, Amnesty International Web site hit by pro-Syria hackers, featured online, quoted on Syria war.
  • Syria: 6.7.2012, McClatchy DC — Commentary: Latin America’s response to Syria massacre was too weak, featured online, quoted on Latin America’s geopolitical muscle, Syria relations.
  • Syria: 5.29.2012, The Washington Times — Diplomats from Syria expelled by U.S., allies, featured in print, online, quoted on Russia’s stance on Syria.
  • Drones: 5.1.2012, American Independent — U.S. companies selling drones to undisclosed foreign governments, featured online, mentioned on arms sales overseas/lack of transparency.
  • Bahrain:  5.1.2012, Sky News UK — Sky News (UK) interview with Sunjeev Bery, Amnesty International USA, TV interview, quoted on Bahraini hunger striker.
  • Syria:  02.2.2012, UPI — Amnesty blasts Russia’s stance on Syria, featured online, statement quoted on Russia’s stance on Syria.
  • Bahrain:  10.19.2011, CBSNews — Report: U.S., Euro arms used against Arab Spring, published online, quoted on arms sales to Bahrain.
  • Bahrain: 10.19.2011, Los Angeles Times — U.S. delays arms sale to Bahrain amid ‘Arab Spring’ crackdown, featured online, quoted on Bahrain protest.


  • Morocco: 11.22.2013, Huffington Post — What Will President Obama Whisper in This King’s Ear? Published online, coauthor.
  • Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories:  9.14.2013, The Hill — What if your home was turned into a military firing zone? Published online and then later in Huffington Post, co-authored by Sunjeev Bery.
  • Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories:  3.22.2013, Huffington Post — One Palestinian Village Obama Should Visit, published online, author.
  • Bahrain:  12.06.2012, Huffington Post —This Weekend in Bahrain: Will US Officials Stand Up for Freedom? Op-ed authored by director.
  • Syria: 3.22.2012, The Register Citizen — Syria’s systematic torture, published online, author.

Authored:  2011 and Before

I wrote or cowrote the following articles prior to joining the staff of Amnesty International.  They reflect my own opinions and analysis at that time.  They are not intended to represent the positions or views of Amnesty International.

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