And now for some IDF spin…

Who knew that the IDF was there to help the Palestinians?

IDF Furthers Its Efforts to Improve Palestinian Daily Life

From the Israeli Defense Forces’ website

12 June 2009 , 02:10

Weekly activities constitute another step in the development of efforts to improve daily life for Palestinians in the Judea and Samaria region.

Dikla Schneider

On Monday (June 8th), the IDF approved the access of the Palestinian village Kedumim to the National Electric Network. This move constitutes another step in the development of the IDF’s efforts to improve daily life for the Palestinian population in Judea and Samaria. The Palestinian villages suffered from power outages due to the use of generators. The improvements were carried out in coordination with the Civil Administration.

In addition, on Sunday (June 7th), Palestinians owners of VIP and BMC credit cards were permitted to enter Israel through passages that were reserved for Israeli citizens only. Merchants and senior business men received the credit cards ove the last year, after  undergoing background checks ensuring that they did not pose a security threat. “This is a great relief for them,” explains head of the Civil Administration in Ramallah, Lt. Col. Yossi Stern. “These businessmen are stimulating the economy in Judea and Samaria, and therefore it’s important to enable them easier access. We view this step as an opportunity to minimize the Palestinian reliance on work sources in Israel, while strengthening their independence within the Palestinian network.”

The IDF also removed two checkpoints near Ramallah, and opened the Atzira A-Shamalia checkpoint last week. Additionally, the IDF opened the 422 crossing and the Ha’ble roadblock this past weekend, after the Senior Commanders in the Central Command evaluated the situation with confirmation of the state echelon.

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